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Just like rugby and "football" commonly known to people, American NFL football is played by 11 people with their respective positions and roles. In 1 American NFL football team there are 3 main units, namely the offensive unit, the defensive unit, and the special team. Offensive units are in charge when the team is in an attacking position, defensive units are in charge when the team is in a defensive position, and special teams are in charge of kicking and cutting positions. Every person on the American football team usually has their own role in each unit, but there can also be several overlapping roles in different units. For example, a running back (RB) in an offensive unit can also act as a kick / punt returner in a special team.

American NFL football is done with the attacking team getting 4 chances, called "downs" to advance the ball as far as 10 yards from the starting point of the game done. Moving the ball forward can be done by carrying the ball while running (running) or throwing the ball to the player who is moving forward (passing). The game begins with a "snap", when the player "center" on the offensive line gives the ball through the gap of his feet to the regulator of the attack, usually called the quarter back (QB). QB plays the role of playmaker in the game American football.