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La Liga
Atletico Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao
Saturday, October 26
Match Schedule

At that time, Atletico Madrid will face in third and champion at the headquarters or home. This is a match that I'm looking forward to watching just because I'm a fan of Spanish football fans. This is also Atletico's opener for the new season, making the match to be wary of if you plan to learn what Atletico brought to the table. While Atletico have always been a strong team and the top contender for the league title, they have to face a number of strong teams, teams with good historical sets under their arms.

With each team using tactics that are almost identical to each other, the quality of players in each team and the small adjustments made by the coach will definitely be the deciding factor. The end of the match results, at least for me, still haven't been decided. The price requested by the Spaniard has increased significantly since his World Cup goal, and his expertise will definitely help his team fight big bullies like Atletico.

That's all the first three matches Atletico will have. Atletico may need to do some work against similar ones from all of them, but we can only wait for the end result. Hopefully this article about Atletico Madrid's match schedule can help you, Atletico lovers. For you football fans, you can watch live football matches there with free HD service facilities and can enjoy all the matches that are available today.