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Live Match | Sunday, 15 September 2019
12:00p Los Angeles Chargers Detroit Lions
12:00p Indianapolis Colts Tennessee Titans
12:00p Dallas Cowboys Washington Redskins
12:00p Seattle Seahawks Pittsburgh Steelers
12:00p Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers
12:00p Buffalo Bills New York Giants
12:00p Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans
12:00p Arizona Cardinals Baltimore Ravens
12:00p San Francisco 49ers Cincinnati Bengals
12:00p New England Patriots Miami Dolphins
3:05p Kansas City Chiefs Oakland Raiders
3:25p Chicago Bears Denver Broncos
3:25p New Orleans Saints Los Angeles Rams
7:20p Philadelphia Eagles Atlanta Falcons
NFL App First of all, you can use the NFL App. This app is specially made for watching NFL match and find information about the NFL. This app is free to download. However, there are several things that you need to know when you use this app. You can only use your cellular data to watch the live stream. Previously, you can watch it using Wi-Fi. But now, you must turn off the Wi-Fi on your gadget in order to be able to watch the match. Moreover, you also can’t watch any match that you want. You can only watch the prime time TV broadcasted match.

If you are fans of a specific team, and it isn’t broadcasted on TV, you can still watch it by paying $300 per seasons. If you use this subscription, you have free access to the match as well as other out-of-market matches. Alternative Method You also can watch the match using the Yahoo Sports app. However, if you use this app, you won’t be able to watch it on your TV. This app doesn’t allow screencasting like other streaming apps. So, you can use a mobile phone or tablet to watch it.

Actually, you also can find many other streaming channels that you can use to watch the match. But, mostly, if you use those free streaming channel, you can get a lot of problems. For example, you can’t watch it in HD or the streaming can be cut abruptly. Therefore, it would be better, if you use the apps we mentioned above to Watch NFL Live Stream - Football streaming online.